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The Weekly Warhammer Wrapup #9

January 19, 2009

Progress Report I wish I had much more progress to report since I haven’t updated you guys in while. Sorry about that. Unfortunately I have not had a chance to even load up Warhammer this entire week. I had a lot of work to do when I did have free time and then my PC’s […]

Weekly Warhammer Wrapup #7

December 13, 2008

Progress Report Ding 30!  Spazter is finally Level 30.  I ended up having to head over to HEvDE Tier 3 to do some questing to make it all happen though.  Level 30 nets me with a 4th Loot Bag, a nice Damage + Area Group Heal spell in the Grace line, and an additional Career […]

Weekly Warhammer Wrapup #6

December 6, 2008

From the editor: My apologies to Chris and to you all for not getting this up promptly. I did the math tonight, and after an 11 hour day tomorrow, I will have completed nearly 70 hours of work this week. I just haven’t had the time to post, what with the bustle of the holiday […]

The Weekly Warhammer Wrapup–#5

November 25, 2008

Progress Report Spazter is now Level 29.  Admittedly, he is not progressing as fast as I’d hoped.  I wanted to take my time with my first character and enjoy all that WAR has to offer, not just do scenarios up to 40 like the masses.  But I also wanted to stay at least right behind […]

The Weekly Warhammer Wrapup #4

November 18, 2008

Progress Report Spazter sits at level 28 this weekend.  Another week and I did not get to play as much as I wanted.  However, I did get a chance to enter T4 Open RvR this weekend for a few hours.  I had a lot of fun despite the lag.  I am not sure at this […]

The Weekly Warhammer Wrapup

November 11, 2008

This is weekend I managed to get Spazter to level 28 in the middle of a 6 man Gunbad raid.  We had a lot of fun and gave it three good tries, but died on the last PQ of the right-side each time.  The archers in that PQ can really mess a 6 man up […]