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Down for the Count

April 2, 2008

I spent most of yesterday on my back, recovering from Sunday evening’s back injury. I went to the doc and got some medication to treat the pain, and the symptoms seem to be fading, so that’s a good thing. I’m back at work today, trying not to sit for too long, and also catch up […]

Penny Arcade Smorgasborg

March 28, 2008

Just a heads up that if you’re interested in attending the biggest gaming conference in this hemisphere, that early bird registration ends on Monday.  You can get tickets here.  I recently convinced my wife to let me return to PAX, and I can tell you from last year that if you go, you won’t regret […]

The Holiday Aftermath

November 23, 2007

Hey all, Hope your Thanksgiving was a relaxing, filling time. I had a good time yesterday although my brother wasn’t there–he serves as a perfect gaming companion during family gatherings, and so his absence was felt as I tried to navigate people through Rock Band. I’ll have to say that the game was not as […]

Why Episodic Gaming Isn’t Working

September 10, 2007

Over the last several years, we’ve all heard the pitch on episodic gaming (which for our purposes I’ll define loosely as content that is developed, delivered, and/or consumed in smaller installments, with no one installment being more primary than any other). It goes something like this: the company makes a game not in one huge […]