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Infinite Undiscovery Preview

July 18, 2008

While we’re all waiting anxiously for Final Fantasy XIII, there are three other Square-Enix RPG’s coming out this year.  One of them is Infinite Undiscovery, which has seen some negative reaction in the past six months from yours truly and others.  I wanted to point you however to a good article over at Destructoid that […]

E3 Video Splash Post

July 15, 2008

Whoo…that last post took quite some time.  But do I quit on you people?  No Way!  Here’s a video journey through today’s best E3 content: Ahh, Mirror’s Edge, the new 1st person parkour adventure game.  I dubb it the “Bioshock emergent hit” of E3 2008.  You know, the game you don’t hear much about till […]

Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference: Avatars, a New Dashboard, and what’s this? Final Fantasy XIII!

July 15, 2008

There’s. just. too. much. Honestly. And this is just Microsoft’s stuff. E3 got unofficially kicked off today with Microsoft’s press conference.  First of all, let me say that G4’s coverage over the last year or two has been really appreciated.  The network is by and large a burning heap of refuse regarding actual gaming content–Cops […]

A Vacation Surprise

July 7, 2008

Hello from rainy South Carolina!  😉 It’s actually been pretty nice here the first few days, but right now we’re having some thunderstorm activity that’s keeping me inside, so I thought I’d blog while I’m indoors. Rachel and I arrived in Baltimore on July 4th at my parents house.   We left the next day for […]

Arrange a Final Fantasy Piece and Meet Uematsu!

January 3, 2008

  This post is almost entirely for my brother (hope you’re reading Evan!). is running a composition contest for fans of the Final Fantasy series.  The prize?  Two VIP tickets to the North American Premiere of Lost Worlds: Music From Final Fantasy concert series in Chicago this March, and a chance to meet Nobuo […]

Is the 360 making headway in Japan?

October 31, 2007 has a feature highlighting a percieved difference in the attitudes of the Japanese media towards the Xbox 360 during last month’s Tokyo Game Show.  With added support from Japanese developers like Square-Enix and the creators of Blue Dragon on new RPG’s for the console, as well as a highly favorable 37/40 for Halo 3 in […]