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The Ice Begins to Thaw

January 15, 2009

Hope you’ve made good headway on your pile of shame (games you haven’t yet finished), because things are going to start getting back to normal very quickly. Two quick reminders in case you missed them this week: The first is that Fallout 3’s first round of DLC, titled Operation:Anchorage, will be released (for the PC […]

TGS Roundup

October 9, 2008

Lot’s of good news today from the Tokyo Game Show–here are the bits that interest me: New Resident Evil 5 trailer–very much like a movie trailer, with new cinematic footage.  March is going to be a very decent month for gaming not only for the below video, but for… Star Ocean 4!  The game’s release […]

E3 Video Splash Post

July 15, 2008

Whoo…that last post took quite some time.  But do I quit on you people?  No Way!  Here’s a video journey through today’s best E3 content: Ahh, Mirror’s Edge, the new 1st person parkour adventure game.  I dubb it the “Bioshock emergent hit” of E3 2008.  You know, the game you don’t hear much about till […]

Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference: Avatars, a New Dashboard, and what’s this? Final Fantasy XIII!

July 15, 2008

There’s. just. too. much. Honestly. And this is just Microsoft’s stuff. E3 got unofficially kicked off today with Microsoft’s press conference.  First of all, let me say that G4’s coverage over the last year or two has been really appreciated.  The network is by and large a burning heap of refuse regarding actual gaming content–Cops […]

Resident Evil 5 ‘Partner’ Trailer

June 2, 2008

This weekend saw the release of a brand new Resident Evil 5 trailer, introducing a second hero (ahem…or heroine) to partner Chris Redfield, as well as showing more Zombie horror mayhem from the upcoming game.  She looks a bit too much like Angelina Jolie to me, but whatever.  Check out the new vid below, but […]

Resident Evil 5 Rumored Release, Miyamoto Saves the Games Industry with Wii Fit

May 27, 2008

Hope you had a good memorial day weekend.  Since we were last together I’ve: Turned 27 Played a show with my band that went really well Thrown out my back (it’s getting better, thanks for asking) Finished Penny Arcade Adventures Episode 1 Gotten back into Oblivion for the 3rd time I also forgot to mention […]