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Rumor: Wii HD to be Launched in 2011

October 1, 2008

What They Play’s feature article about a rumored 2011 release of an HD version of the Nintendo Wii was little surprise to me.  If you remember, the 360 launched in November of 2005, and is about to enter its fourth year.  The normal 5-6 year cycle would put the next generation of consoles at 2010-2011.  […]

Two Blemishes for Fable II

September 29, 2008

Fable two has not had a good two weeks, PR wise.  First, Peter Molyneux gave an interview in which he talked about some of Fable 2’s “lowpoints”. I think the lip-sync is pretty bad, you know, the quality of the animation falls off, you know, quite a lot, I think the navigation can be a […]

Castle Crashers Impressions

August 28, 2008

So I downloaded the final title in Microsoft’s Summer of Xbox Live Arcade, Castle Crashers. I knew basically nothing about the game except some vague rumors of it being quality.  My best guess was that it was a tower defense game.  Wrong! Castle Crashers is a exceedingly well put together multiplayer brawler, with a wonderful […]

Gearbox to Develop Halo 4 for the Xbox 720?

August 26, 2008

Word on the web has exploded today with the juicy rumor that Gearbox is already in pre-production on Halo 4, a game that Microsoft wants to be a launch title for the next Xbox (which Kotaku has neatly coined the “Nextbox”). From the newspost: With Bungie admittedly uninterested in creating Halo games ad nauseum, and […]

The Olympics are Ruining My Life

August 12, 2008

Ha!  I know, dramatic, right?  Seriously though, I’m an absolute Olympics addict.  When they hit they suck up all the time I have.  On Saturday, I “accidentally” recorded over 30 hours of coverage without knowing it, and it erased everything else Rachel had on our DVR.  As you can imagine, she was ecstatic…;)  Anyway, I […]

Back From Hiatus

July 24, 2008

 Sorry for not posting folks.  I’ve been really busy preparing a class for parents on the subject of gaming, the purpose of which would be to provide them with a sane perspective on video games and give them resources so that they could do their job (that is, parenting) well.  Much of it is drawn […]