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TGS Roundup

October 9, 2008

Lot’s of good news today from the Tokyo Game Show–here are the bits that interest me: New Resident Evil 5 trailer–very much like a movie trailer, with new cinematic footage.  March is going to be a very decent month for gaming not only for the below video, but for… Star Ocean 4!  The game’s release […]

Bungie Releases Trailer–New Halo 3 Campaign for Jan. 09?

September 26, 2008

Bungie restarted the countdown that was aborted during E3 this week, culminating in the release of a trailer video that rumor has it is the teaser for a campaign expansion for Halo 3. Joystiq reported on some clever fans who pieced the information from the video’s description on Live and from freeze framing the video […]

Team Fortress 2 Details, Call of Duty 4 Frags Halo, and No More Heroes

January 23, 2008

  I got a chance to download Undertow this morning, and played a round or two online.  It’s very much like an underwater arcade version of Team Fortress 2, with two teams battling for a number of control points, but in 2D.  I can see where it would be fun with some friends together.  Since […]

Game Update: Halo 3, MGS 4, and a new Harmonix title

October 31, 2007

Three bits of news for you today folks.  First off, Bungie has announced that today they’re putting on a special Halloween event for Halo 3–and it’s all infection, all the time.  The Dev team has put together a bunch of ranked multiplayer maps that cater to infection’s unique style of gameplay, such as fortifications for […]

Is Halo 3 Really Inappropriate For Senior High Students?

October 16, 2007

I covered a story a few weeks ago that the New York Times ran about churches across the country who have been using Halo 3 in their youth groups, and ever since then the debate has gone on as to whether or not it’s appropriate to play Bungie’s latest hit at church. The criticism is […]

And If The Rumors Are True…

October 5, 2007

Both Microsoft and Sony had rumors that we already brought you earlier this week confirmed into fact today.  Microsoft officially announced that their relationship with Bungie Studios (the maker of the Halo franchise) is “evolving”–which is PR code for “they’re still working together, but Bungie gets to go independent from now on”.  We’ll see what […]