The Weekend Gamer
Thoughts on gaming culture, living among non-gamers, and growing up in the nintendo generation


The Weekend Gamer is written and managed by Brian Lusky, a typical gamer living in Erie, Pennsylvania.  This blog is about gaming–consoles, PC’s, handhelds, even a little table top now and then.  While you’ll find news here, the site isn’t meant to compete with any of the professional game jounalism sites.  Rather, the goal of the Weekend Gamer is to provide content that appeals to the average adult gamer–those of us who grew up amongst the Nintendo generation and are now continuing their favorite past time in the midst of adult life.

This blog is for gamers who have jobs, spouses, and families.  It’s about navigating your gaming lifestyle among a sea of non-gamers.  It’s about celebrating the fact that you play video games, and that it is ok to do so at any age.  It’s about providing a launching pad for mature, thoughtful conversation (as well as critisism) about video games and the industry that provides them to us. 

Welcome to the Weekend Gamer.

You can contact Brian at


2 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. Beauty of a site, mate.

  2. hi Brian, this looks like the best place for an intro…
    just stumbled onto your blog here while snoopin around Twitter for fellow Erie-ites. i’m 24 (just turned yesterday!), and i’m a devoted PC gamer. i also play my Nintendo DS casually, and i used to play my original XBox once and awhile, but nowadays, its pretty much all PC for me.
    your blog’s doin good it seems, keep up the good work!

    Adam ^_^
    Steam account: sickgixx6
    Steam nick: GeekyAdam
    primary/favorite games: CS:S, TF2, Trackmania Nations, WoW (free server), Peggle, BF2142 (but just for the record, BF2142 < BF2)
    just started playing/testing: Second Life, GoW, Combat Arms
    next up: CoD4, BF: Bad Company

    p.s. – i don’t know how to set a little icon on the right for my avatar, so, yeah…

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