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Using Little Big Planet as a Creative for Church

Here it is! For those of you who haven’t been following the blog, I work at a church, overseeing all the arts there from music to drama to the visual arts. We’re doing a series right now called Heroes and Villains, which is taking some of the most classic bible stories you heard as a kid and teaching them in a relevant way to adults–kind of a “taking them back from the kids wing” sort of thing!

Last weekend was the story of Caleb and the other spies from Numbers 13 and 14 (a more obscure kids story, I know). Ever since I first loaded Little Big Planet into the disc tray, I wanted to use it in the services one weekend. This was the weekend I had picked for it. It’s my first and only level design so far, and considering that, I’m pretty pleased with it.

I storyboarded out the general flow of the level, and then we captured the footage and audio of me playing through it a couple of days before the services. I then wrote a script and our tech director recorded the voiceovers with two volunteers as they watched the video of the playthrough (there were
many takes, believe me). Finally, we sent it off to our video guy, and he added the animations and music you see at the beginning and end.

I got a ton of positive feedback on Sunday. The pastor who was speaking this last weekend came up right out of this video and began his sermon. I think that it did its job of memorably (and hopefully humorously!) retelling a slightly obscure bible passage so that someone who had never read the story before could feel like they understood the basic background that we were working from. Hope you enjoy.



6 Responses to “Using Little Big Planet as a Creative for Church”

  1. […] a comment » Here’s a post from Brian Lusky, our brilliant Pastor of Worship at Grace. Brian is not only a singer/song writer but a competitive […]

  2. […] a comment » Here’s a post from Brian Lusky, our brilliant Pastor of Worship at Grace. Brian is not only a singer/song writer but a competitive […]

  3. hehe! love it. just watched it again. i think it turned out awesome and was very helpful in remembering the story!

    hope your macbook pro is awesome and you’re loving it!

  4. That was great Brian! I am listening to the podcast of the sermon now. I wish I could’ve been there to see it on the big screen and watch people’s reactions. Stupid Move-In Day anywho, we were dead all day. I didn’t do a single thing all day and missed almost the whole first half of the Steeler’s Game!

  5. Absolutley wonderful idea. Between this and the Lego Bible stories there is some great, creative stuff for those who like to be visually entertained with their Bible stories.

    You should post this stuff on the LBP servers, I can imagine it would be popular.

  6. Very cool. What a great way to integrate the new media. Not only does it provide a very entertaining way to tell the story, it also provides an introduction to video games for some who may have never experienced them.

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