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The Ice Begins to Thaw

Hope you’ve made good headway on your pile of shame (games you haven’t yet finished), because things are going to start getting back to normal very quickly. Two quick reminders in case you missed them this week:

The first is that Fallout 3’s first round of DLC, titled Operation:Anchorage, will be released (for the PC and 360, no word yet on the PS3) on January 27th. “Anchorage has players entering a virtual reality simulation in which they must help liberate the city of Anchorage, Alaska from Chinese invaders. The episode contains new items and characters and will take an estimated 4-5 hours to complete. The price for the Xbox 360 and PC versions will cost 800 Microsoft Points ($10).”

The second is that Resident Evil 5 will get a demo on Januray 26th, a supposed one week timed exclusive for Xbox Live users. We can assume then that PS3 owners will be able to play on Monday, Feb. 2nd. Not bad!



2 Responses to “The Ice Begins to Thaw”

  1. Wow, good to here some things are coming our way for the new year. I still haven’t finished IU. I have been dead busy with work and computers breaking. Hopefully I’ll have the Warhammer Wrapup for everyone soon. Sorry for missing this week.

  2. This is looking like another good year for games.

    I’m looking forward to the Alaska DLC. I didn’t realize it’s a virtual reality experience. Does that mean the player can bounce back and forth between Anchorage and Washington? Have they said whether all of your weapons and gear will carry over?

    I should have LOTR: Conquest in a day or two.

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