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The Weekend Wrapup (January 9th-11th)

Didn’t do too much gaming this past weekend.  As I said on my twitter, I’ve actually been either watching blu ray movies or using netflix streaming.  I’ve also been fulfilling my end of the Gears of War 2 bargain with my wife.  I finished Twilight, which at some moments was a pretty good read, and at others was like listening to a 7th grade girl tell me what having a boyfriend is like.  I told Rach she owed me a couple of chapters of Gears before I’d pick up the next book.

My Little Big Planet level debuted on Saturday night and Sunday morning–I got a lot of comments about it, and spent the morning explaining to people exactly how I did it.  I think it fulfilled its purpose–that of explaining a story in a visual and creative way.  It was certainly memorable.  I’m waiting for my video guy to post it up on Vimeo, or just send me the file.  Hopefully I can get him to get it to me by tomorrow or Wednesday.

I think I have the hang of Noble difficulty in Civ IV now.  I just don’t like how it favors aggressive action.  I like to win via diplomacy/culture, but I’m too scared of the Chinese, off on the eastern continent (wow, that sounds like a propetic foretelling of President Obama’s foreign policy in the not too distant future).  I’m a couple of hours in to a game, and am confident now that I will emerge victorious, since I’m so far ahead in the technology race.  It’s just a matter of paying off the other cultures so that they fight amongst themselves.

The only other thing that gets me about a game of Civilization is that as you progress through the game, each round has an ever increasing horde of units, workers, and cities to micro manage.  Rounds tick by ever slower, and then if you take a break for a few days, and come back, it sometimes can take you nearly 2o min to get your bearings and remember what was happening.

I’ll have to dive into the expansions next.  Lots of catching up to do while we’re in the Q1 mini slump.  What did you play this weekend?



One Response to “The Weekend Wrapup (January 9th-11th)”

  1. gears multiplayer basically here. I too have been streaming netflix on the 360 and basically catching up with all my anime that has piled up from this fall.

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