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The End is Nigh

It’s much worse than I thought.  This is what happens when you take a day off and don’t look at your computer all day.  As part of the sale of 1up, most of my favorite video games journalism personalities have been let go.  Nick, Phillip, Anthony, Ryan and the rest of the 1up Show crew, Milky, Andrew, and Shane, among others.  1up Show? gone.  1up FM? gone.  1 up yours?  who knows.

In one day my favorite crew of video game journalists were summarily kicked to the curb.  1up will continue, but it was the personalities that made it quality.  My only consolation is knowing that most of these fine folks will find jobs elsewhere in the industry and continue on.  The 1up FM guys were even trying to put up a podcast tonight, dubbed Rebel FM.  Seems like it’ll be a farewell show judging from twitter posts I’m seeing.

And then I’ll just have to suffer through podcast withdrawal, bereft of one of the finest sources of video game journalism there ever was.  RIP 1up Show, 1up FM, and EGM.  You’ll be missed.  My prayers go out to all those who lost their jobs in this economy.  I hope you all land on your feet.  Can’t wait to see what you end up doing next.

Below are some interesting links related to the story:

Sam Kennedy interview

Jeff Green Blog

Stairwell Tribute to the fired 1up crew–lol.



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