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Playing Video Games for Work

I am a huge procrastinator.  This is a known fact about me.  So it should come as no surprise that a lot of my weekend was spent getting my Little Big Planet Level created and ready for this Saturday/Sunday.  I was supposed to have yesterday off, but I had to go in anyway for various reasons, so I took today off instead.  I used that time to keep working on the level, and I think it’s just about complete.

I had our audio/visual guy come over the house and watch me play though it.  We’re going to capture the video of me playing it on Thursday during the day, and then I need to write the voice over script and we’ll record that on Thursday night.  Our video staff member has been on vacation for a few days, but he’s back in tomorrow, so I’ll touch base with him then and he’ll have to splice the video and audio together later in the week.

Once it’s up I’ll see if I can get a version to post so that you guys can see the finished product.  It should be fun!

Steam had a gigantic sale between Christmas and New Years, and I took advantage by purchasing the Civ IV boxed with its first two expansions.  I loved Civilization Revolution, and thought I was ready to handle the real thing.  I loaded it up, started out on Noble difficulty and…promptly got my head handed to me on a platter–multiple times.

I understand the concepts, but the game can be supremely frustrating.  Ultimately I’m not a big combat strategy player.  I’d rather win through peaceful means.  But I get into the medieval era and keep getting overwhelmed by the CPU players coming after me.

So I switched it up and went for an early rush to take out some of my opponents.  I was successful in taking one out, but then got halted before I could get the second, and thought I could regroup and play the game defensively now with only 3 1/2 other nations instead of 5.  Wrong.   I got further, but still perished.  Right after this post is over, I’m going to try again, but its like learning a sport when you’re 3 years old–it takes time and practice.  I don’t even have a good idea of what would be a beneficial build order, so I hope that I can find some info online or learn through failing time and time again.  I hope I get the hang of it.

The big news early this week was that the 1up network (my favorite source of video game journalism) has been sold by Ziff Davis Media to UGO. Honestly, I haven’t the faintest idea what this will mean for the company, but it’s not usually a good thing when a company gets sold.  In any case, we do know that the move is bad for Electronic Gaming Monthly.  Bad as in closed. Arguably the most high profile video game magazine of all time(perhaps second only to the legendary Nintendo Power) will be defunct as of next month.   It’s the end of an era, and while I’m not surprised to see magazines fall out of favor, especially in the tech side of the magazine market, I can’t help but feel a little sad.  Good luck to those fine folks over at EGM.



3 Responses to “Playing Video Games for Work”

  1. Wow you are pretty dedicated on level creation for LBP, oh by the way I see a little typo on second paragraph “play though” should be “play through” with the missing r 🙂

  2. What a coincidence – I got Civ IV recently and just started playing. It’s actually my first experience with Civilzation, but I did pretty well my first time.

    My strategy for my next game is going to be basically paying off my closest allies to go to war against the weakest nation, and to not share technology with anyone except my closest ally. That way, I can build tanks and pit them against easy Pikemen or Archers. As the weakest nation gets destroyed, I’ll go after the next one and the next one with the same strategy. I’m hoping to get ICBMs so I can wipe one out fantastically.

    After reading this comment I’ve decided I should never be the leader of any country, and probably shouldn’t even own over an acre of land.

  3. Looking forward to seeing your LBP level.

    I picked up Bioshock for 5 bucks in that Steam sale. Unfortunately, I needed to update my sound driver to play, and the updated sound driver removes access to my mic. As a songwriter, my mic is greater priority, so I went back to the original driver. I’ll just have to pick the game up on the 360 sometime.

    Civ IV is definitely harder than Civ: Rev. It’s not as user-friendly as the new one, but it has more dynamics and makes it harder to simply repeat one strategy. Most RTS games reward aggressive strategies, as does real warfare. It’s a bit annoying for relaxed slowpokes like me.

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