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The Weekly Warhammer Wrapup #8

Progress Report

So, it’s been a couple of weeks since my last post.  Sorry for the delay.  I know this gonna be a bit long, but hang in there with me, there is a surprise at the end!  I promise!

Spazter is now sitting dangerously close to 34.  I have been hitting the PvE pretty hard the past couple of weeks to get him up and ready for big RvR.  So far the best solo way I have found to level is to find a Kill Collector that gives credit for mobs in a PQ.  Usually stage 1 of a PQ has you kill 100-150 normal mobs.  I seem to be getting 2K XP per kill + 5K for finishing the PQ stage + 0.5K per kill from the Kill Collector.  Add that all up and you’ll get about 20-30K for about an hour of gaming, not bad.  The only thing faster so far has been a good AoE trio (usually Knight as puller, Engineer/BW for AoE, and a healer to keep it going quickly).

I have to jump in here and echo the concerns of many other players right now.  Mythic told us that RvR would be the fastest, funnest way to level our characters.  In WAR this is just not the case.  In fact, in it’s current state, I really do not enjoy RvR at all.  I have heard many ideas out there on how it could be fixed, or that it is the players’ faults.  So far these are the best things I have heard:

  • Multiple ways into keeps: I think that DAoC had it right here.  I’m talking stuff like: Breakable Keep Walls, Ladders, Siege Towers, Orcapults, Stealth. Multiple ways to get into the keep other than banging on the front door.  This is war!!!  I see Siege Towers all over the place.  I’ve even seen Orcapults in some earlier tier scenarios.  Why can’t I use em!  Having only one way into the keep makes the keep sieges static.  While I’m on this topic, I agree with others that siege pads are lame, let us decide where to put or gears of war.
  • Incentive to defend: As it is, there is no reason for me to defend a keep.  I can just wait until they leave and go take it back.  People need a reason to defend.  While I have heard a lot of suggestions on how this could be done, I am going to wait to hear from Mythic on this.
  • Speed the war up: After taking the keeps and BOs in a zone we shouldn’t need to hold them for days to be able to lock the zone and PvE shouldn’t be required.  They have come a ways on fixing this, but it needs tweaked more.  I can’t tell you how many nights that have died because no one wants to bother to take the time to flip a zone.

News and Gossip

I can’t even begin to sort through the hundreds of posts and news items that have flown from both Mythic and the community the past couple of weeks.  There is a new live event going on right now (Keg’s End). Extra XP for a limited time.  There have been two major game updates to 1.1 that opened up the 2 new classes to the masses and introduced an entirely new RvR Influence System.  And much, much, more.

First let me take a quick look at Keg’s End.  IMO, Keg’s End could be subtitled Grind’s Beginning.  They played on the success of the to-do list from Heavy Metal, which is great idea, but the whole thing feels way too slow.  For some reason I also feel like this takes MMO gaming in general back a few years to the days of “Get out of my Camp!!” and “Kill Stealing” from EQ2.   It doesn’t seem to cater to group but to the individual and it seems to foster the kind of feelings that make me want to quit MMOs.  In general, I say they did a horrible job with Live Event.  Don’t get me wrong here, I love the idea and story behind this, but the execution is a major fail IMO.

The RvR Influence System is a good idea.  However, it still feels too slow to me.  I only see the top line of hardcore players ever getting to the elite rewards.  The addition of the Extra XP is nice though.

State of the Game

At the End of 2008, where does this leave us?  IMO it’s never been a better time to get into the game.  I know that I’ve been overly critical of the game so far in this post, but I am expecting a lot and if Mythic happens to see my posts I want them to know where I stand.  So, WAR hasn’t completely lived up to it’s hype.  But take a look, it is winning awards and trudging through new and exciting ground that hasn’t been explored before in MMOs.  If you are one of those that left, are thinking of leaving, or perhaps just thinking about playing the game for the first time, here are a couple of good points to bank on:

  • New Content: You don’t have to wait a year or even a quarter for new content.  New content is being pumped out of the developers so fast that it blows my mind.  3 months of gaming and 3 live events packed with new content.  2 new classes, and major upgrades just about every week.
  • Fixes: Yes, it still needs a ton, but they have new fixes just about every day.  If you left for some a particular bug or something, I urge you to come back.  Chances are they’ve fixed the bug you quit for or will fix it soon.
  • Mythic is listening: They hear our cries and respond.  I haven’t seen this level of interaction from any other company out there.  Mythic continues to impress me here.
  • More players: If you are gonna start playing or come back, now is the time.  As johnny and the other thousands of new players opened up their shinny new WAR boxes for Christmas, I think we are looking at an influx of new players here.  Plus you add on Mythic’s XP bump and now we’re talkin’!

Wrap Up

The bottom line here is that Mythic needs to continue working on the game, and that this gamer thinks that future looks awfully bright for WAR.  Now, I know that I’ve missed a lot of good stuff here, so to make up for it here comes my surprise.  It seems that with my subscription I get buddy accounts.  Since I have two accounts, I gots a bunch of em!  So if you’re interested in trying WAR free for 30 days, send an email to and tell me your preferred server (I am on Badlands if you want to join me) and whether or not you want to play Order or Destruction. I’ll give them out to the first 5 people that request them.  Make sure you are actually going to use it before you send because they are limited and non-returnable.  Other than that, here is some nice reading to pass your new years off with:

PvE Dungeons:  Part 1 and Part 2
Twas the Night Before Keg’s End
How to Play a Rune Priest
10 Odd Tome Unlocks
Da Bloody Twenty
Interesting MMO Stats from Massively and GamerDNA
Paul Barnett reflects on 2008 Gaming in a BBC Article

I hope your Christmas was great and that you have an awesome new year!  Until Next Time,
Get Your WAAAGH on!!!


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