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Weekly Warhammer Wrapup #6

From the editor: My apologies to Chris and to you all for not getting this up promptly. I did the math tonight, and after an 11 hour day tomorrow, I will have completed nearly 70 hours of work this week. I just haven’t had the time to post, what with the bustle of the holiday season. Still, Chris found time to post, and the least I can do is get it up in a timely manner. Promise I’ll do better next week!–WG

Progress Report

Spazter is still level 29.  Despite wanting to get out there and level, I found myself drawn to the front lines.  This weekend the forces of Destruction had us pushed back to Reikwald Fortress.  So, if you didn’t manage to read the “Sacking a City 101”  posted on the herald a few days back, let me explain. 

First off, you need to capture the main Tier 4 Zone.  In the case of the Empire, this would be Praag. After you control Praag this unlocks what I like to call, the enemy’s Frontier Zone.  Again for Empire this would be Reikland for Order and Chaos Wastes for Destruction.  After you capture that zone you have 1 hour to take the Enemy’s Fortress. Reikwald for Order and The Maw for Destruction.  If you manage capture two enemy fortresses, you now can siege the enemy’s city.

With that out of the way, we managed to hold Destruction off for the hour.  After the hour passes everything in that pairing is reset and you need to start over again.

I also managed to finish up the Live Event Tasks this weekend.  Got my cloak and I’m gearing up to try out the Knight of the Blazing Sun.  I don’t imagine I will play him too awfully much, I’ve never been the knight in shining armor kind of guy.

News From The Herald

This week Mark Jacobs address the State of the Game concerning Open RvR.  If you are interested you should really go read the whole thing, but here are some highlights:

  • He restated Mythic’s claim that Open RvR is the focus of the game.
  • They have created an RvR Influence System to compliment the PQ Influence System. (Going live with 1.1)
  • A number of wide-ranging changes going into the map and travel systems to allow players to better understand the state of oRvR.
  • Adding the ability for people to have a second bind point.
  • A Campaign HUD for all tiers and other improvements.
  • Improved Tier-wide messaging about what is going on in Battlefield Objectives and Keeps.
  • Adding additional layers to the questing system of oRvR.
  • Addition of Keep Quests, “Daily Event Quests”, and Chained RvR Missions.
  • Improved BO itemization.
  • Adding better rewards for Guilds who own Keeps as well as the addition of a system of Keep upgrades.
  • A global oRvR “Fame” system that will be tied directly to the Tome of Knowledge.

I think these changes will be great for WAR.  However, I still feel like they are missing something.  Oh wait, there it isContribution means nothing?!?  It’s not that I completely agree with these complaints, but come on Mythic,  address your community’s concerns.  It’s been well over a week since this came up and they have not even said a word about it.  It seems that they are listening to some of our gripes, but not the big ones.  I’d say that saying nothing about this is a bad move on their part.  Either admit to it, or crush it where it stands and let that be that.

This week there was also some confusion on Character Transfers.  When I logged in on Tuesday I received a prompt telling me that I was eligible for a free character transfer.  Seems there was a little bit of a mistake and my server, Badlands, was a destination server for character transfers, not a candidate.  I have to say that this was a good move.  My server finally has some decent population.  Welcome to all the new players.

Changes Coming

The big class changes are coming soon and in case you didn’t get a chance to stop by the Public Test Server lately, here we go

Warrior Priest Changes:

* Rampaging Siphon: Morale should now heal the group for each target hit, instead of only once.
* All offhand Warrior Priest book items have been improved! See Items notes for more detailed information
* All Auras will now persist through the Warrior Priest’s death. This means that the Warrior Priest will not have to recast an Aura after respawning or being resurrected.
* Prayer of Absolution: Fixed a bug that made the actual range of this ability much shorter than the range listed in the tooltip.
* Soulfire: This ability’s tooltip will now state that the effect is a Curse rather than a Cripple.
* Divine Strike: The damage of this ability has increased.
* Sigmar’s Radiance: The damage of this ability has increased.
* Prayer of Righteousness: The Buff window tooltip for this ability will now display correctly.
* Divine Aid: The stat contribution for this ability has been fixed. It was previously receiving more stat benefits than intended.
* Prayer of Devotion: The health gained from triggering this ability has been increased.
* Castigation: The amount that stats contribute to the damage of this ability has been increased to make it consistent with other damage over time abilities.
* Smite: This ability will now properly generate Righteous Fury based on the number of targets hit.  
* Divine Assault: This ability now heals 350% of the damage done, and the setback amount is now reduced to half a second
* Divine Shock: This ability should now fire when there are no targets in the area.
* Greave of Sigmar: The duration of the buff from this tactic will now match the duration of Sigmar’s Fist.
* Sigmar’s Shield: The buff window icon for this ability will now display a tooltip.
* Divine Light: The buff window icon for this ability will now display a tooltip.
* Martyr’s Blessing: This ability will no longer display a buff icon on those being healed.
* Warrior Priest Books have been updated to make them significantly more attractive to players. All offhand books will now add passive Righteous Fury regeneration. The amount regenerated per second varies based on the rarity of the item

On top of all that, it seems that Leading the Prayer will now work correctly!  This may actually mean a switch from Salvation to Grace for Spazter in the near future if it is true.  Basically this heals you whenever your buff heals another player.  Those are also some nice buff additions/tweaks for the Warrior Priest. 


Well, it’s been a fun week for me.  Finished up Fable 2 and started Infinite Undiscovery on the console side.  Got in some quality MMO time with Warhammer.  I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.  Here’s a bit of reading for this week:

How to Paint Your Grumlok Miniature
WAR Fiction – The Sword is Forged

Until next week,
Get Your WAAAGH on!!!


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