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The Weekly Warhammer Wrapup–#5

Progress Report

Spazter is now Level 29.  Admittedly, he is not progressing as fast as I’d hoped.  I wanted to take my time with my first character and enjoy all that WAR has to offer, not just do scenarios up to 40 like the masses.  But I also wanted to stay at least right behind the pack, and I am a few steps behind that now.  I had a lot of fun this weekend trying out the Heavy Metal Live Event, got in on some BO and Keep Taking in T3 Empire, and I also moved on to a little Tier 4 oRvR . 

I have one small problem with the way things are now.  I have no more quests in Empire T3.  I suppose could move over to Dwarves or Elves T3, but I am burnt out on quests for now.  Open RvR is mostly dead in T3 (even though I found a great pick up group this weekend).  This is where I would normally do a few Scenarios and PQs.  However, since the server population for T3 is .. well me, Scenarios don’t pop often enough, and not a soul is to be found doing T3 PQs on my server. 

This actually became quite a problem for the Live Event tasks.  Most of the tasks involve the new scenario, Reikland Factory.  Since I’m only 28/29, that puts me in Tier 3 for the scenario.  Even during the peek hours on Friday/Saturday, I found that the scenario only popped around once or twice an hour in T3. 

1.0.5:  Reikland Factory, Heavy Metal, and More


The 1.0.5 patch came out on Tuesday, and even though they decided to nix the bulk of the class changes for another patch, it still was much anticipated.  The first thing I’ll take a look at in the patch is the Reikland Factory Scenario.  Reikland Factory is an example of a prefect Scenario, imho.  It is much like any other capture and hold the flag scenario.  However, there are four flags and they are placed at just the right distance so that you pretty much never have to run around to get into a fight.  Another nice point about Reikland is that is available in every tier.  I do have to say that it is a beautiful piece of artwork as well.

Also with 1.0.5 starts the Heavy Metal Live Event.  This live event is a prequel to the release of 2 new classes:  The Knight of the Blazong Sun for Order, and the Black Guard for Destruction.  The event consists of daily tasks that must be completed.  Syp over at Waaagh! hit the nail on the head with one.  While these tasks are simple, it gives people a todo list of things to get done with a clear defined reward:  A Trophy, A Cloak, and early access to the new classes.  Here is what Syp had to say about it:

For the most part, the Tome is reactionary — it reacts to previously hidden accomplishments when you pass an invisible line, and then rewards you (usually XP, but sometimes with other lustable loot). While being praised and rewarded for things you’ve done is all well and good, it isn’t a motivator in any sense, unless you’ve done your out-of-game research and know what to do to get certain unlocks and gain certain rewards. You aren’t aiming for a goal, just rewarded from time to time.

With the Heavy Metal event, the Tome swings around the other way. You have a clearly shown reward (trophy, cloak, one-week head start on tank classes) and a list of tasks in order to earn that reward. It’s straight-forward and not frustrating to the average, perhaps casual player trying to catch up with the big boys.

Syp also managed to unveil the task list for us:


Keen pointed out another nice update with 1.0.5 over at Keen and Greav’s.  The Real War Page has been updated.  I would go check it out because it is pretty darn kick butt! 
Massively also had an article on the subject.

So.  Where does this leave us?

Last week I posed the question:  Is WAR dieing?  While Wrath of the Lich King did manage to take quite a bite out of the MMO Market-share, I don’t think it is.  I hope it’s not, I bought the six month package.  It still seems be the route some of the bloggers I read are taking.   (That last post from Keen makes me wonder, is PvE really that important to MMO gamers? — Hint: Mythic makes PvP games.)  And I agree with them that something needs to be done, but I am not ready to throw in the towel.  I think it would be great for the game if Mythic clustered the servers as they did in DAoC.  It certainly seems one of the few suggestions I’ve seen that I think will really help and have an immediate effect.

Over at the Greenskin they’ve summed up some of the cooler ideas the community has come up with.  Let’s hope Mythic is listening and gives us some kind response, and soon!  It is nice to see that they cater to our feedback on the small issues, but what is in store.  At the very least say that you’ve heard your community and are considering something.

Tabula What?

If you haven’t heard yet.  NC Soft announced that they will be closing the Tabula Rasa galaxy at the end of February.  And the MMO community doesn’t seem too upset about it.  Honestly I never gave Tabula Rasa too much of a look.  Perhaps SWG left a foul taste in mouth about a sci-fi themed MMO.  Don’t worry Tabula players, there is still a lot of good MMORPG gaming out there.  Just about every major MMO has something on the shelf for this Christmas.  I can’t wait to see what WAR has in store for us in the coming year, and things like Star Wars and Star Trek titles seem to be on deck for a release sometime in the near future for the sci-fi genre.

Wrap Up

There was a lot of chatter out in the MMO blogospere this week.  So much that I couldn’t possibly go into everything I wanted to in this post.  However, here are a couple good items to read if you get a chance:

And as always …
Get Your Waaagh on!!


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