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Little Big Planet Deletes User Created Content, and Where is My Left 4 Dead Demo?

The catch 22 of fourth quarter is that at a time when the most gaming is happening, it’s consequently always hardest to find the time to write. Right now Dead Space sits at 10 of 12 chapters completed, my Fable II character has been accruing 7000 gold an hour for about ten straight days of unuse, and I’m about 2/3rds of the way through Little Big Planet’s single player. My tarutaru black mage in Final Fantasy XI is a measly level 7, but hey, it’s something, right?

What I have been playing is a truck load of Fallout 3. I’m 30+ hours in right now and can’t stop. I’ve finally got around to recovering the Declaration of Independence with my paragon of the D.C. Wasteland–not sure how far I’ve come in the game, but after completing 25 plus missions and making it to level 17, the games shows no signs of drying up its well of constant discoveries.

Little Big Planet’s woes continue. Not only have the servers been start and stop at best, but now there are reports that whole levels are being deleted. Pretty much anything that resembles someone else’s intellectual property is getting wiped. So, sorry to all the Batman, Scrubs, and God of War themed levels…looks like Media Molecule isn’t going to allow homages in LBP.

I can’t say I’m too surprised, as I’m used to dealing with copyright issues involving music, but I can understand the anger and ire from many. I’m starting to doubt whether Little Big Planet will be able to live up to it’s grand idea of being a landmark title of user created content. It certainly could use some positive press, as in the kind it was getting before it offended Islam, was delayed for a week, couldn’t keep its servers up, and then deleted any level that was based on anything ever thought up previously…ever.

I went in twice to Gamestop to check on the status of my Left 4 Dead preorder.  Preorders from Game Stop are supposed to receive an email with a code to download the demo ahead of the official Nov. 11th demo release.  The first time I went in both of the employees hadn’t even heard of it.  Typical…the second time wasn’t much better.  The clerk ended up canceling my preorder and then repreordering for me–that was his best solution.  I haven’t recieved a code, nor at this point does it really matter.  I’ll just wait for Tuesday.  *shakes fist at Gamestop*



3 Responses to “Little Big Planet Deletes User Created Content, and Where is My Left 4 Dead Demo?”

  1. played alot of Gears2 this weekend. Game is just amazing. had a friend pop on over and we cooped for almost 5 hours seamlessly. favorite level so far… inside the worm!

  2. Found a workaround on deleted levels for Little Big Planet. Not Ideal, but its a solution.

  3. How did you like Grayditch? I still can’t find the source of those Fire Ants (and they sure surprised the hell out of me when they actually breathed fire). I did get some satisfaction though, when I fought one Worker Ant in the streets of Grayditch – I threw a Frag Grenade at him using V.A.T.S and got to watch him fly 2 stories straight up and then fall down….all in slow motion 🙂 I love me some V.A.T.S!

    And yes, this game is absolutely addicting. I’m going to be playing this well into mid/late 2009 since I only get about 2 hours a day a few times a week.

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