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Fable 2 Impressions

You’ll forgive me for not posting for the last two days…I’ve been otherwise occupied (as have many on my friend’s list) with Fable II.  

I’m about 6-7 hours into the game, and am enjoying it immensely.  I think it’s fair to say that Fable II has reached a level that Peter Molyneux wanted Fable to be at.  From end to end, it’s a game world that I enjoy interacting with, from your dog companion to its satisfying yet simple combat, to simple tasks like working at the blacksmith and then using the money to buy real estate. 

I’m much less impressed with the co-op game play.  Somewhere in all the demoing and hype, Lionhead Studios failed to mention that you won’t actually be taking your character into someone elses world, but rather, you will choose one of four stock henchmen and then choose their weapon loadout.  Pretty lame.

Add to this that the camera work while in co-op is just shy of broken, and you’ve got a frustrating experience.  Having said that, it is nice that when I walked up to a friend in game, I was able to speak to him like we were in chat.  And I can send gifts from my world to theirs, which is something other RPG’s haven’t offered. 

I’m desperate to get Rachel interested in this game.  I so badly want to just toss her a controller and say, “here, try it!”  She definitely prefers it to Dead Space, but I’m not sure if I can coax her into it.  It’s been a long desire of mine to get her into RPGs, and to be able to play one with her would be like some sort of nerd triumph of spirit.  But it’s like when you want to ask your wife about something that you’re pretty sure she’s going to say no to.  You have to wait for the perfect moment to strike ask. 

Many people have reported some glitchiness to the game, and no one’s sure whether it’s the game itself, or the now infamous co-op patch.  I ran into a glitch in which I couldn’t pull out my sword, and the enemies just stood their, not fighting me.  When I rebooted my 360, the game acted like I had finished the quest, but when I went back to the quest area, I was then able to move through it, earning experience until I got to the boss, whereupon I would shoot him and the game would freeze completely in mid animation.  In the end, I got through it by ignoring the quest (as it had already given me the reward), and continuing on.  But it makes me worried that something else may happen.

I decided to merge my first character with my “good” pub games account.  It had most items, and a good amount of gold.  Later on I’m going to start an evil character, and import the one million gold I have on my other account.  Corrupt gold won’t matter to a corrupt character, right?

Holy crap, I can’t believe there’s only 6 more days until Fallout 3 arrives.  Gotta get back to playing Fable!



8 Responses to “Fable 2 Impressions”

  1. i’ve decided not to even load fable 2 until i’ve completed dead space… heres hoping i can before fallout 3 comes out because i’m not so sure i can table that one in lieu of fable 2

  2. My boyfriend rushed out and bought this Tuesday. From my viewpoint (away from the controller…heh) it’s a well designed game. We sat down before the release to watch a series of “Making of Fable 2” videos from xBox Live. I’ve gotta say, for a newbie gamer, I’m pretty excited to play this one. Actually, I think I’m more excited to bling out my character…

  3. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Fable 2 so far. Haven’t tried Co-Op yet though. Kinda lame that you don’t get to bring your hero into co-op with you.

    I want to get Fallout and DeadSpace. I just don’t have the funds for either right now with my new PC purchase. But, having Lorah play an MMO with me is worth missing out until I finish Fable 2 (and then I may just hit you up for a borrow 😉

  4. haha – ummmm i made your blog.

    Honestly, it looks really interesting and I’d be into it, but I’m just too busy doing a zillion other things to sit down and commit to un-interrupted game play. i need to be multi-tasking while relaxing at this point. maybe one day. sigh.

  5. Even if the co-op remains as poorly executed as it is now, I’m still glad they included. I look forward to playing it offline with some family around Christmas time. And it’s cool being able to chat with you anytime we both happen to be in Bowerstone.

    It definitely has more bugs than a triple-A title should. But even with the occasional freeze, the bugs aren’t game-breaking.

  6. OMG this game sucks….. no… im kiddin it is wicked sick and i had to start over cause my guy cought S.T.Ds and got some girl prego. But ya it is a really sick game i would advise you get it cause its OMG.

  7. ok just to be clear… my name has one “L”

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