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Back From Hiatus

 Sorry for not posting folks.  I’ve been really busy preparing a class for parents on the subject of gaming, the purpose of which would be to provide them with a sane perspective on video games and give them resources so that they could do their job (that is, parenting) well. 

Much of it is drawn from various news snippets and websites, although I’m drawing heavily from Grand Theft Childhood as well.  Sites like and would be an absolute Godsend if I was a parent. 

I loaded up the Too Human demo two nights ago, and my sense of it was that it had appeal, but not enough to have me go out and buy it.  Admittedly, I didnt’ play that much.  But you know what Dennis Dyack?  Maybe sometimes a game shouldn’t need ten hours or more of gameplay for you to start liking it.  So don’t give me that exuse.  Grip me from the word go. 

Anyway, I’m curious to see what you all thought of it, especially Aaron.  Poke your heads up and give me your impressions.

It’s nice that Nintendo President Saturo Iwata apologized for last week’s poor E3 showing.  Do you guys realize that there is nothing else new coming for holiday 08?  Animal Crossing and Mario Super Sluggers.  There you go hardcore Nintendo fans, eat it up!  It’s insulting.  And how about listening to the community about it’s concerns with Animal Crossing and updating some long asked for features?  Sorry, nope, and nope.  I agree with Stephen Totillo–two sides talking past each other. 

But it’s nice that they’ve apologized.



One Response to “Back From Hiatus”

  1. Maybe Nintendo will announce something at Leipzig. The others have said they will.

    I wrote a review of the Too Human demo after playing it a couple times through. Basically, I said it’s mediocre.

    Since then, I’ve unlocked the other classes and played through a few more times, because I’ve read so many reviews that disagree with mine and I give things a second look whenever that happens. My opinion of the demo was only reinforced by replaying it, but now I recommend playing with the berserker. You can do so by disconnecting your 360 from the internet and setting your clock (Console Settings) to 2009. The two classes that remain locked can be unlocked at the class selection screen by flicking the Left Stick left and hitting A immediately after.

    I was looking forward to Too Human, so it’s too bad. Even if you like the demo, you should ask yourself if your money would be better saved for another game coming out this fall or winter… because there’s plenty of good ones. I’ve got Spore and Fable 2 pre-ordered.

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