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More Resident Evil 5 Details

In what is fast become Zombie day here at the Weekend Gamer, Capcom has finally released some new information on Resident Evil 5 in the latest Famitsu magazine, in anticipation for a new trailer that is to debut shortly. 1up has the summary which you can check out in full on their site. Here’s an excerpt:

The trailer shows two women. One is blond, in a long, red dress, and hard to make out in the images; it seems she and Chris will need to escape together, but the article implies a different approach from the Ashley-escorting sections of Resident Evil 4. The other woman is a dark-skinned beauty who is new to the series. She carries nearly as much weaponry as Chris and looks to be another ally.

In one shot we also see an man through the rusted bars of some kind of cell, hunched over with his arm extended limply; he bears a similarity to the Nosferatu in Resident Evil Code: Veronica, or Lisa Trevor from the original game. In other words, whoever he is, he is most certainly going to be powerful, and is probably a big part of the game’s story.



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  1. I love thes game

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