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The Weekend Wrapup (May 2nd-4th)

It’s been seven days and counting. Seven days since I purchased Mario Kart Wii, and seven straight days that Rachel has played it. It’s unprecedented. Dave and Danielle came over yesterday afternoon and we played some more, finally unlocking the last two circuits so that we now have every level available.

It was also a hit at Meta Cafe–we had approximately 60 people come out for our relaunch event, and though it meant a long day and night for me, it was worth it. Mario Kart and Rock Band were still the most popular things happening. I attempted to get Call of Duty 4 setup with a split-screen system link, only to find out that this was impossible. Seriously? I don’t know how I missed that. We ended up playing a little 2 on 2 splitscreen with a projector, and it was pretty fun (but not as fun as having 8 or 16!).

I’m pretty excited about the new Medic weapons in Team Fortress 2, but with my busy weekend, I haven’t had time to get into them. In fact…I’m going to download the patch now so that I can play it sometime this week. The reports I’ve been hearing though are that widespread achievement whoring is happening, with some boards being way unbalanced with the overabundance of medics. I’m sure it’ll die down, but Valve’s already had to patch a time or two to thwart some would be cheaters of the system.

Let’s see…anything else? Oh yes!  My sister in law’s boyfriend Josh was kind enough to let us borrow Lego Star Wars.  I was curious to see if it was indeed a great co-op game that Rachel could get into, and I have to say that she and I did enjoy ourselves quite a bit.  Only problem is that to Rachel, as good as it is, it’s no Mario Kart. 😉

What about you? What did you play this weekend?



6 Responses to “The Weekend Wrapup (May 2nd-4th)”

  1. I’m happy to report that I completed Lego Star Wars this weeked. I’m now working in Free Play to get all the stuff I missed.

    I’m sure there’s a gamer term for that but since I’m no gamer I don’t know it.

    I’m actually really looking forward to the Indiana Jones release.

    All that stuff you talk about, playing video games with your kids and it being a very positive thing… I’m seeing it now.

  2. wow – jp’s comment needs to be recorded in the history books! 🙂

    mario kart – its so nostalgic!

  3. yay i played rockband, wii bowling, and mariokart @ meta…that’s all i did as far as gaming goes 🙂

    [oh and put together a Family Guy puzzle and played Family Guy DVD trivia saturday night….]

  4. The only thing we played this weekend was Family Guy trivia…the DVD version!…It’s quite fun…but you can only play 5 different “games” which is kinda stupie…so we have 1 game left we haven’t played. Then we’ll just have to wait a year until I forget all the questions and we’ll play again! Hhaha…

    Yea…nothing can beat Mario Kart…but putting legos and star wars together is totes awesome!

  5. unpacked from my trip to pittsburgh, did laundry and repacked for my trip to the University of South Carolina. Now i’m back and staring at piles of paperwork ugh

  6. MetaCafe was awesome! Great Job everyone!

    I picked up a bunch of stuff this weekend. I decided it was time to rid myself of 3 dozen PS2/PS1 games this weekend and see what I could bater for at Gamestop.

    All I really wanted to get was the Zapper/Crossbow game and MarioKart. I ended up picking up Metroid, and Resident Evil as well in the buy 2 get 1 deal. However, I am going to take back Resident Evil and get something else, I don’t like it at all.

    The cinematic feeling to it is interesting, but I don’t want an interactive movie. I want a game to blow up zombies!! I feel trapped and limited. I’d much rather run around killing things on my own then be forced down train rails.

    I had to go pick up the crossbow training game after playing it at my brother-in-law’s house Saturday night. It’s really addictive and fun. I’m sure it will die off soon though, but for only $20 it’s not a bad deal.

    We will have to hook up in MarioKart, if it’s possible.

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