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A Slice of Gaming Life–Midweek

Today saw the release of Lost Cities, a perfectly acceptable Xbox Live Arcade title in the “tabletop” genre.  It is again (not unlike Settlers or Carcassone) a remake of a popular tabletop game, but more heavily focused cards and numbers than territories or piece placement. 

I won my first try at the game against the CPU by a score of -14 to -15 (ha!).  The second game improved dramatically as I learned how to actually play, ending with something like 115 points or there abouts. 

It’s 800 MS points and definitely worth a look.  Pick it up and let me know if you’d like a game. 

I’m still playing Oblivion in my spare time, shunning Halo 3 and CoD 4 offers to grind out levels and defeat the Blackwood Company in Tamriel.  It feels weird to be plugging along at a game that’s over two years old, when there’s so much good new stuff I haven’t finished.  It’s funny what whims my gaming tastes can take, suddenly darting off this way only the make a sudden 180 and fly to the opposite extreme.  It’s impossible to balance it all–Lost Odyssey, Oblivion on one side, CoD 4 and Team Fortress on the other, and Culdcept and Rock Band in the middle. 

My sister in law is bringing her new boyfriend over tonight, and it was mentioned that we pull the Wii out and play a bit.  He also might bring Lego Star Wars over–a game I’ve been meaning to go back and try to play with Rachel.  He’s a musician as well (way better than me at guitar so I’ve heard) so who knows, maybe we’ll plug in some Rock Band–just no Judas Priestplease.



4 Responses to “A Slice of Gaming Life–Midweek”

  1. you can count on me picking the game up for sure! I saw the game trailer last night and i’m pretty excited!

  2. I bought Lost Cities. I like how the games go faster than Catan, though the fewer dynamics means that it gets old quicker.

  3. HA!! and he did want to do some judas priest 🙂

    fyi – we had fun.

  4. haha funny, didn’t even realize i was in this post! yayayay 🙂

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