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Down for the Count

I spent most of yesterday on my back, recovering from Sunday evening’s back injury. I went to the doc and got some medication to treat the pain, and the symptoms seem to be fading, so that’s a good thing. I’m back at work today, trying not to sit for too long, and also catch up on the work I missed.

One good thing about being home was that I was able to plug away at Call of Duty’s single player campaign on Veteran difficulty. I’m stuck on one nasty bit of a level near the end, but I’m proud of myself for coming this far. Veteran isn’t for the feint of heart or the easily frustrated.

I was amazed to learn yesterday that Rainbow Six Vegas 2 had sold 2 million copies in its first week of release. That’s pretty impressive considering the market saturation we have in the FPS genre. I’ve been hesitating to pick it up, simply because for me, it’s a game on the cusp of my periphery. I’m not a huge FPS player, and so it takes some convincing for me to go drop sixty dollars on “one more shooter.” I must confess though, I’m not beyond having the peer pressure of 2 million sales in a week sway me.

Ubisoft has jumped aboard the Steam train, announcing yesterday that they will be releasing around 40 titles for the direct download service, including Assassin’s Creed and many of the Tom Clancy series of games from years prior. Splinter Cell and Far Cry are 10% off this week, and if you never played them, it’s a good value to catch up on some great gaming on the cheap.



2 Responses to “Down for the Count”

  1. Glad you’re feeling better and Happy Birthday to Mrs. Weekend Gamer!!!

  2. thanks!!!

    –mrs. weekendgamer

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