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The Weekend Wrapup (March 21st-23rd)

It’s been a quiet weekend on the gaming front, what with a certain celebration of a certain Jewish carpenter, which also coincides with a familial visit until Tuesday. Mostly I’ve fallen into the trap of playing Football Manager 2008, a game which is sure to make you swear off this blog for all time.

It’s a masochistic romp of soccer minutia that is one part sim-sports team, and three parts pure evil. You know you’re in trouble when the features list includes revamped finances…woo hoo! Just when you think you’re having fun, the AI will come along and cause you endless frustration from seemingly random, uncontrollable events that thwart every stratagem you’ve devised to master the game. But hey, playing Liverpool in FM this weekend is better than actually watching Liverpool this weekend.

In the realm of games you might actually care about, the web is abuzz with the news of a new Sonic game, potentially titled Sonic Unleashed. Can there possibly be anything left in the tank for this series? I’m sorry, but I just can’t get excited by a franchise that’s been as thoroughly run into the ground as Sega’s blue mascot has.

It’s been “re-invented” so many times, and not with much success recently (although Sonic’s recent foray into the Olympics has been paying dividends). I mean, I can just imagine the dark machinations of the marketing team that was in charge of some of the previous Sonic titles–“No, no, he has to be hipper–more attitude, and more emo! That’s good, now just make him point at everything”.

The one saving grace on this game is that it seems like they’re going back to a semi 2-D model. Hopefully we’ll see less flash, and more polished gameplay.

Gamesradar has (surprise, surprise) another list up on their site–this time it’s the 59 levels you have to play before you die. The article is a pretty fun read, especially as it’s interspersed with videos of most of the games. It got me thinking–if you had to pick one level in one game to recommend to someone, what would it be? Is it on the list?

And while I’m thinking about it, what did you play this weekend?



2 Responses to “The Weekend Wrapup (March 21st-23rd)”

  1. finally got around to playing culdcept again this weekend and polished off another 2 levels beating the light altar level in one go. Just when i thought i was finished with this game it yet again repeats itself sending you back in time. I’m really losing motivation to even continue as it’s just becoming the same old thing again and again. Probablly another 4 or 5 levels left…. ugh.

  2. I’m as much a fan of adding to old franchises by abandoning their original gameplay as I am of bands losing their critical members and retaining the original band name — which is to say, not at all.

    I finally completely Campus Legend mode in NCAA Football ’08 with my LSU option quarterback. He finally won the Heisman and set about every rushing record their was to set. Now, I’m starting over with a true quarterback… one who will throw the football instead of run it.

    Receivers who drop the ball should be shot. 😉

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