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The Co-Op Gaming Bill of Rights

Tycho wrote earlier this week about Army of Two’s co-op deficiencies and suggested that there should perhaps be a Co-Op Gaming Bill of Rights of sorts:

Army of Two is forward thinking in that your equipment and cash persist, no matter where you are playing or who you are playing with. Where it is less forward thinking is that you can’t join a friend’s game unless you have already beaten the level they have selected.

In many games, but especially in co-op, people are going to be traveling through the game at their own pace, and players should be enabled in their efforts to play this cooperative game cooperatively however they like.

It’s as though we need to create a kind of Co-op Bill Of Rights, so delineate in clear terms what we consider bedrock in terms of functionality. In essence, we’d like the games to cooperate with us.

Kudos to a Microsoft employee and gaming blogger Ozymandias for taking a tongue-in-cheek Penny Arcade metaphor and turning it into a reality (I thought I was the only one who found ways to creatively waste time at work). 

In his post, he lays out this basic foundation of Co-op functionality, and then goes on to some other speculative things.  I’m not sure I’m all about forcing gamers to play Co-op (ala having to press buttons on two separate controllers, etc.), but if it’s going to happen, it can only do so on a system as robust and user friendly as Xbox Live. 

Playstation Network is quickly approaching that benchmark of functionality (and for free too!), but Nintendo has a lot of work to do, as you know from my impressions of Smash Bros.  Without this behind the scenes interface, creating an experience that’s made explicitly for co-op is going to be impossible, although you can create experiences that are enhanced by co-op, like Super Mario Galaxy. 

Check out Ozymandias’ blog, and let me know what you think?  Anything you’d add to the Co-op Bill of Rights?



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  1. hey i love this game it is the best game i ahve ever played so far the xbox 360 one is the one i have and it is wiked sweet it is kinda hard though

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