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The Weekend Wrapup (Feb. 8th-10th)


Two things happened this weekend of which I am happy to tell you.  The first is that Danielle, Dave, Rachel and I maxed out our fans on hard in the Rock Band World Tour, and then completed the Hall of Fame Showcase.  Each of us is now sporting a spiffy new clear instrument to mark our achievements, the list of which is long and impressive and too numerous to lay out here, I assure you.

I’m really proud of my friends, who have gone from having never played a rythm/music game besides DDR to thrashing out on hard (and even sometimes expert for Dave) in only two short months.  Congratulations guys!

The second thing is that I picked up Culcept Saga and am now firmly addicted.  It’s well worth a look, and for those of you who like strategy games, CCG’s, or tabletop games, it’s a must buy.  I get almost as much excitement out of customizing my deck between matches as I do actually playing.  It really takes me back. 

The thing about it that really grabs hold of me is its seemless blending of the tabletop and CCG genres.  Each board has unique features that influence strategy, and sometimes it can take a few tries before you discover the combination of deck makeup and board placement that will lead to victory.  If you have it, and would like to play a match, I’m very interested in trying out online play. 

I was trying to craft this post while listening to the 1upyours podcast, but sadly my brain can’t cope with the writing process while simultaneously listening to four guys talk about where to put your other controllers during a session of Rez (if you know what mean, then you’ll know what I mean). 

On the other hand, the most recent episode of the 1up Show has me super excited for Lost Odyssey, which releases tomorrow.  If you’re an RPG fan and a 360 owner, I think this is the game we’ve been waiting for (Blue Dragon excepted).  The 1up Show has some great footage and discussion on the game, so if you’re at all interested, go to iTunes and subscribe.

The review is only marred somewhat by Shane Bettenhausen–a video game journalism persona who has started to wear on me.  What he says is fine, but just notice how he constantly talks over the other guys in the conversation (the one guy doesn’t even get to say anything!). 

I don’t think it’s any one review, but more of a broad series of mild irritations, from his contributions on the 1up Show to the 1up Yours podcast–he’s your classic guy with an opinion that tries to forcibly assimilate other viewpoints until they give up.  In the end, things just get too negative and it’s not my cup of tea.  Maybe for some of you it is, and if so, c’est la vie. 

Enough ranting, I want to know about your weekend.  What did you end up playing?  Hit me up in the comment section with the details.



4 Responses to “The Weekend Wrapup (Feb. 8th-10th)”

  1. I played Metroid Prime 3 for a few hours on Sunday (was busy the rest of the weekend), and the game proved once again that it’s not the piece of cake some people make it out to be. I ran around Elysia for about half an hour wondering where the heck I needed to go, and then had an Aha! moment and got to my objective.

    Now I have to find some suit upgrade so I can do wall jumps or something, and apparently it’s not on Elysia and I don’t think it’s on Norian, and I can’t figure out where the hell it is on Brryo. Help!

  2. i really did feel like crying…

    also…i hope you’ve seen this:

  3. Gratz on Rockband. My buddies and I did the 58 song set a while back. we only did it on medium though 😀 Check out our pics on

  4. hey i need help becuz my rock band in the music store dont let me dowload the premium content and that i nedd to go to family settings and i dont know what to do!!!
    please some one help me!!!!

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