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The Weekend Wrapup (January 18th-20th)


Happy Martin Luther King Day everyone.  Some of us are enjoying a bank holiday, whist others are back to their normal Monday routines.  How did your weekend go? 

Mine was pretty enjoyable.  I meant to get more time in FM08, but I spent most of my time downstairs on the Xbox.  I played a lot of Call of Duty 4 this weekend, and I think I’m getting a lot better hang of it.  I played Rock Band as well last night, but it was quite frustrating, as multiple instruments were acting up.  We’re back on for tomorrow night though, so we’ll see how it goes.

In the rumor department (the above image is a complete fake, btw), it looks like Factor 5 may be working on a Kid Icarus remake for the Wii (you finally got your wish Evan).  I’m in for that, as I’m pretty sure they’ve long ago done away with those horrible NES save techniques where you have to put in some 16 digit code. 

Also, for those of you who like game music (and specifically Final Fantasy music)  the Black Mages are putting together a third CD, which is due for release in March.  They have a preview website up where you can see a short film and download a pre-release track from the album.  I’d highly recommend you picking up their previous two albums if you haven’t.

So, how about you?  Did you get to play what you’d hoped, or have the Monday morning blues set in?



7 Responses to “The Weekend Wrapup (January 18th-20th)”

  1. I mostly played Resident Evil 4 (Wii edition) and got to the 5th chapter. Not a good game to play at about 11:30 when you’re the only one in the house awake, and some damn zombie on fire jumps out of a door and latches onto you.

  2. I’m looking forward to Burnout Paradise this week – my son and I have enjoyed the demo on PS3

  3. played a quick game of cod with Brian and Evan which was cool. Wish we could have played longer.

  4. me too. next time! and Ron, I totally know what you mean about RE4. I’ve got a love/fright relationship with that series–you want to keep playing, but the game can wreck havok on your system late at night.

  5. I spent 90% of the weekend at a hunting lodge in Wisconsin for my sister’s bachelorette retreat:). Was fun, but alas, no video gaming…we spent most of our time talking politics and taking hot tubs in -20 degree weather, neither of which come particularly naturally to me (still really fun, though).

    I played some Oblivion last night, though. I’m almost to the point where I think I can start on the 1st Halo, and then work up to Halo 3, then COD from there….

  6. and by “multiple instruments were acting up,” you mean “my bass player sucks.” 😉

  7. Sadly, I had to work on Monday. But, I did get some quality time in on Super Mario Galaxy over the weekend. I’m at 102 stars or so and it looks like I have only to get the “purple coins” stars in each galaxy. Once that’s done, it will be time to move on to No More Heroes. Oh, if anyone is down for some Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, let me know.

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