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18 Billion? Seriously?


I hope you understand what’s going on here.  It’s never been a better time for our industry, with total growth up over 40%.  40%–That’s ridiculous growth for a business that is already this large.  We can attribute some of that growth to hardware sales, but you can be sure that the gaming industry is only going to continue to increase their market share in entertainment until they eclipse tv and film as the primary medium of our culture. 

It may seem far fetched, but the interactivity that games provide will eventually trump tv and films in their entertainment and education value as the gamer generation grows up and their kids and grandkids are playing video games as well.  This isn’t an original viewpoint by any stretch, but it’s one that I ascribe to, and the lastest financial figures back it up. 

That’s why studios like Vivendi are buying into the game industry.  They absolutely must in order to stay relevant.  The one thing that’s holding back the industry at present is that we’re being put through our paces politically via censorship.  Once that storm is weathered, gaming will emerge on the other side as a matured industry, one that is accepted like books, tv and film.  It’s not that far off really. 



4 Responses to “18 Billion? Seriously?”

  1. this calls for a GADZOOKS!

  2. I don’t know – I think I’ll always want tv and film over video games.

  3. absolutely. But when you’re 55 and your children and your grandchildren and your husband all play more and spend more on games than they do watch movies or tv, then what i’ve said will have come true. Games won’t eradicate other entertainment mediums–they’ll just become the primary one.

  4. Funny you should mention the industry’s growth. I talked about the same thing on my site. Of course, I’m a lot more cynical than most, so take my comments with a grain of salt. 😉

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