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The Weekend Wrapup (Nov. 30th-Dec. 2nd)


Phew–that weekend just flew by!  I got to play a bit of Rock Band on Friday night, but I decided to leave it and the Wii at work since I’ll be using them this Friday for an event. 

I also began my journey in the world of Mass Effect.  I’ve only just started to explore the Citadel, but I’ve been totally impressed so far.  My Jane Shepard is ready to go save the universe, at whatever cost.  😉  I love space opera.

How about you? What games did you actually play this weekend?



5 Responses to “The Weekend Wrapup (Nov. 30th-Dec. 2nd)”

  1. I beat Mass effect!!! pretty much took 7 days of night time play to do so. I’m guessing roughly 30 hours but i did just about every side quest i could find. I imagine if you just went straight though the plot it could be done much faster. Enjoy!

  2. WOW Kiras you’re a Nut!!

    Well my weekend was great!! I finally got my Wii!! Don’t have any really cool games yet, but I did get a chance to download Mario 64 and Zelda Ocarina of Time. It’s cool getting a chance to go back and play some of the console games I’ve missed. The last console I purchased was PS2.

  3. In the world of gaming unplugged, my little brother actually came to a game night with my coworkers/friends! <3! We’re a bit loud and ridiculous, but as a group we’re also the type where you come as you are, because we’ll like you anyway. Played Take 6 and Fury of Dracula, which was a good time:).

    I’m moving out of my basement dungeon in two weeks, which is very VERY exciting for me. So exciting, I can’t really articulate. Lets just say, having ceilings taller than 6.5 feet (I’m 5’10”) and WINDOWS, not to mention not sharing my bed with about three dozen spiders…I’m really looking forward to it.

    Alas, the move pushes back my budget for a 360 yet again:(. In the meantime, there’s always WoW…. (someday, when you have time for unintelligible half-syllables of incoherent rage, ask me how much I hate PvP.)

  4. You’re playing a girl?… ghey.

  5. Cmon Evan, give the man some slack…so he wants to explore the world of faux femmes…so do 8 gazillion mmo players. Besides, we alllll know about your little “collection” buried under the sweatshirts in your bottom drawer. But hey, that’s okay…we all also understand the need to feel pretty sometimes. (Plus, you look fabulous in them). 😉

    (p.s. That middle sentence might be a lie. Maybe. Perhaps. Er.)

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