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New Year’s Eve and I’m Doing Fine

December 31, 2007

I’m back! Happy New Year’s eve everyone. I hope that the holidays have left you satisfied, with plenty of time for friends and family. I’m currently on holiday in Maryland, the state of my youth. Not much video game stuff to report on for my holiday, save the obligatory Xbox Live Points cards that my […]

Duke Nukem Forever Teaser Trailer

December 19, 2007

Yes, you read that correctly.  Either hell has frozen over or someone is playing a cruel joke on the internet.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Duke Nukem Forever, it is the fourth game in the Duke Nukem series, and its protracted delays in development have made it the butt of many an […]


December 19, 2007

As we’re sitting in the last 15 days of 2007, it’s only natural that we look back at the year that was, and ahead to the year that will be.  2007 was an amazing year for video games, especially in the last half of the year–Halo 3, CoD4, the Orange Box, Assassin’s Creed, Bioshock, Super […]

The Wii Is Hotter Now Than It Was At Launch

December 18, 2007

Yes, you read that right.  According to, the demand for the Nintendo Wii is higher now than it was during it’s launch window last Christmas.  From the site: Wii Demand skyrockets:nearly 3 million people shopped for the console online in November. In fact, demand for the Wii was nearly 40% higher than in the […]

Rock Band Questions Answered

December 18, 2007

  Apparently I’m not the only one with nitpicking questions for Harmonix.  The guys over at Multiplayer sat down (via email) with Harmonix Senior Designer Dan Teasdale–who I got a chance to meet at PAX–to talk through not the huge issues that have made new recently (my third guitar is still working *crosses fingers*) but those little […]

Weekend Wrapup (Dec. 14-16th)

December 17, 2007

Hey everyone– How did your weekend go?  I spent most of my time hanging out in packs, and so the game of choice was Rock Band.  It’s amazing to see some of my friends progress from never ever having played a music rhythm game to attempting hard difficulty in a mere three weeks.  And that’s […]