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Weekend Gamer (November 9th-11th)

Whoa…where did that week go?  Time has never flown faster on this side of the computer folks.  Happy Friday! 

So, what games are you earmarking for this weekend?  Got any special gaming plans?  For me, I’ll be getting back into Call of Duty 4 this weekend, trying to finish the single player campaign and jumping into multiplayer.  Everything else is just gravy after that, considering it’s going to be one heck of a busy weekend. 

How about you?



4 Responses to “Weekend Gamer (November 9th-11th)”

  1. Well I finished up Folklore mid week so that’s off of the game board for me. I guess this weekend I’ll be hunting down some booster packs for Eye of Judgment. Those darn things are impossible to find! Around here in Des Moines, some guy has been buying them up like hotcakes and it seems I’m always right behind him.

    I can’t wait for next week though. I have Umbrella Chronicles preordered and I’m seriously considering picking up Assassin’s Creed as well. Great reviews so far and from the footage I’ve seen, it’s visually stunning.

    Oh aside from gaming I’m gonna have to prep the house for winter and get some cleaning done.

  2. It’s more TF2 and LotRO this weekend for me. I hope to get back into LotRO, it’s been about 3 weeks since I really played consistently.

  3. My cousin and I are still trying to finish our first War of the Ring campaign since we bought the Rise of the Witch King expansion for BfME:2. I think we’ll finish it tomorrow.

    My sister got me back into Text Twist… and man, that game’s addictive! Almost as much as Puzzle Quest, which I’m sure I’ll be back into.

    Mainly though, I’m just counting the hours til Tuesday.

  4. 14.95 on the training course

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