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A Slow Tuesday…

It’s shaping up as a slightly quiet week for the industry as far as news goes.  Hellgate: London goes on sale tomorrow, but I’ve decided not to pick it up.  I need to save my cash for the five (count em, 5!) must have games coming out before November 20th–CoD 4, Mario Galaxy, Assassin’s Creed, Mass Effect, and Rock Band. 

Of note is the announcement today that Bioware and Lucasarts are partnering to make a game.  period.  end of announcement.  Seriously, that’s all we got–but it adds fuel to the rumor that Bioware may be working on a Star Wars themed MMO.  I didn’t post that rumor last week because I thought it would be too much to hope for, but who knows, maybe it’s really happening.

Rueters has a story that gives out new data about casual gaming–namely that guys aren’t admitting to playing them.  In the study, about 3/4’s of purchasers of casual games were women, but the percentage of people playing those games was split 50-50 between the sexes. 

The study seemed to think this was because guys are more likely to be into “hardcore” titles and will talk about that more.  Interesting stuff, as most of the energy of casual gaming is being driven towards the female demographic, and this evidence may change things a bit. 

What casual games are you playing out there?  I let you know yesterday that I was stuck on Peggle for the time being.  Do you play those sorts of games, or is there no time in the midst of your more serious gaming?



4 Responses to “A Slow Tuesday…”

  1. 5 games… yea there goes my christmas money :p I still need to preorder assassin’s creed, sometime this week i suppose. As far as casual gaming it really is spur of the moment. I’ll pickup a xbla game and love it, play it intesenly for a couple days then move on… most often when i’m between major titles…

    Anyone else excited for CoD 4???

  2. Honestly, when I bought The Sims, I probably wouldn’t have admitted it to anyone. I bought it because it seemed like deep sandbox gameplay, but the social focus felt kinda girly. I actually spent more time designing homes in the game than anything else, but it was still a little awkward with all the relationships play.

  3. Bah. Men are people too (I know, I know…hard to believe). Just think of it as an electronic ACTION FIGURE house, er, playset. That’s how Mattel always marketed it, and it’s done a fine job of things ;-).

    All joking aside…cut yourself a little slack. It’s okay to enjoy social simulation games.

    I’m a sucker for games like Pharoh and Caesar 4. I really REALLY hope they make another Dungeon Keeper.

  4. It’s moms dude. Moms. Or at least that’s what I think is probably throwing that demographic off. Moms buying games for their kids.

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