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Two Must Buys and A Not So Sure


I managed to get into Hellgate London finally last night, after their game breaking bug from the weekend was fixed.  Let me say this–the game isn’t ready for release yet.  It has an unpolished feel to it, and server stability seems horrid at this point.  It’s your classic game releasing while still in beta. 

With these glaring flaws out there, I will say that I had a fun time working through the game and completing the first few missions.  It’s Diablo in 3D, and I know that prospect appeals to many.  It also has that addictive MMO reward system that I’ve so missed, with a skill chain that allows customization and that satisfying “ding!” feeling of hitting a new level and allocating skill and attribute points as you see fit–I’ve been missing that feeling since I stopped visiting Middle Earth in LOTRO. 

I’ll probably try to get some more time with it this week before beta closes, but I’m not sure I can commit money to something so buggy.  Hellgate: London has so much promise, but will it deliver?  I don’t think I have the disposable income to find out.

Elsewhere, I can’t believe that I failed to mention yesterday that Mass Effect has gone gold.  Things are really shaping up for the Bioware’s latest epic RPG offering for the 360, and the game is on track for it’s November 20th release date.  Clear your calendar for some delicious space opera!

In all the rush of the fourth quarter of the video game calendar, I somehow missed the glaring fact that Assassin’s Creed stillhas no firm release date, except “November 07”.  I had just thought that I had missed it somewhere, but no, there is no date as of yet.  This is causing some to surmise that the game might be slipping into 08, but today there may be a hint from Ubisoft as to the official release of the game. 

Check this out.

It could mean a release date of November 14th, or it could just mean that there’s some promotion or website launching on November 14th.  I hope it’s the former–my appetite for this game has grown steadily since the doubts of E3, and I’m not sure my poor psyche could withstand a delay–have mercy Ubisoft!



4 Responses to “Two Must Buys and A Not So Sure”

  1. I don’t care if Assassins comes out in 08 or not, as long as they don’t rush the release and put it out unfinished! So much hype on it…I’m hoping it’ll be able to bear the scrutiny that that is gonna pull down on the game.

  2. If you’re excted about Assassin’s Creed now, go to and watch some of the latest videos (they came out last week, i think). One of them shows a map of the city shown in the earlier demo videos versus the size of the city in the finished game. What was shown in the earlier videos is tiny compared to the full city, and there’s a ton of land between the 3 cities.

    I’ve got this and Mass Effect preordered. There are other games I want, but that’s the last of my money. =( Thankfully, both those games look like they’ll last a long time.

  3. When i was in Hellgate i leveld a summoner and really enjoyed it, minus the grinding feeling. Reminded me of when i leveld Kiras the Warlock in WoW and i sure do love that customization tree… something really lacking in lotro unless you just didnt have the funds to purchase the new skills lol.

  4. Come Back to LotRO!! Anywho, glad you’re having fun in Diablo 3D, I mean Hellgate! I look forward to hearing a more thorough review, it sounds like something I might want to check out.

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