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The Weekend Gamer (Oct. 19-21st)

So much great gaming this weekend, so little time!  I must confess that I’ve become somewhat obsessed with Team Fortress 2.  There’s something about working as a team to accomplish tasks FPS style that is highly appealing.  Fragging is only a means to an end, and having the most kills doesn’t mean you’re the most valuable player–far from it.  I’ve started to lean more heavily on the engineer class, whenever there’s a control point or briefcase to defend.

On the console front, my 360 is back, and it lives!  Actually it’s a new 360, but you get the idea.  Kiras expressed a desire to play Halo 3’s campaign cooperatively, so I’d like to try to put some time in on that.  However, my parents are coming up to visit for the weekend (great for me personally, bad for my gaming habit), so my time is going to be short–mostly late nights. 

Of course the weekend my parents come and visit Rach and I is the weekend that my 360 returns and I’m allowed into the Hell-gate: London Beta.  Oh well.  It’ll be waiting for me on Monday I suppose.

How about you?  What games are you planning on playing this weekend?



10 Responses to “The Weekend Gamer (Oct. 19-21st)”

  1. Well, I think I am gonna break down and try out TF2! I looked at the trailers last night and it looks cool. I’ll stop by Circuit City today and see if they still have the special on the Orange Box. It was still listed on their website.

    As for me, depends on a few things. If they have the OB for sale I’ll buy that and that’s probably all I’ll play this weekend. Otherwise I’ll probably stick to LotRO for a while.

    I downloaded Tantra last night ( It’s a Free (Pay for premium items type) MMORPG loosely based on Ancient India Lore. Not too bad for a freebie. Graphics are on par with Diablo 2 I guess. The music is done fairly well, especially in the opening scene. There are 8 classes, which I quickly found out is really only 4 (They count the female and male of the same class as 2 different classes). You have you typical Caster, Archer, Tank, and Thief types. I might hop on that for a few and fart around when I am bored.

    Have fun.

  2. Nice! Now if we can only get Kiras into TF2, we’ll be set! 😉 (Zoe can come too if she’d like to try to absolve herself of FPS nausea)

  3. Now see, if I ever get my xbox, I’m going to FORCE myself to play fps’s until it kills me or I like it ;-). ….what IS TF2, anyways?

    Tonight is Horror Game Night for my company…there’s a ton of us getting together at my friends Dan and Kat’s house and playing boardgames with horror themes:).

    This weekend….hmmm….I don’t know what kinda gaming this weekend will entail, but I’m sure I’ll occupy myself somehow…

  4. Yea yea TF2… i think i just remember all the fun i had playing TF1 back in the day and i dont want to set myself up for disappointment… in other news…

    I got into the Hellgate london beta too!!!! and its downloading as we speak 🙂

    Game time this weekend will be limited as i’ll be in some stop abuse training tomorrow to become an advocate from 9-4 but i have the night free so hopefully Bri and I can hit up some Halo late night.

  5. ./grumble. You people and your BETAS and your…your XBOXES….and your ability to kill things in first person without having to curl up in a ball for three hours afterwords to stop the hurting…..

  6. First off, all you need to know about TF2 (Team Fortress 2) can be found in a post I made on wednesday–

    It’s a part of the orange box for PC–something that you could join us in. *hint hint*

    Secondly, Hellgate London also has a single player demo that hit the intertubes yesterday. You can find it here:

    so, even if you’re not in multiplayer yet, you can see if you’re going to like the game itself! Go d/l it now!

  7. I’ve got some demos to try, like Call of Duty 4. I’m sure I’ll spend a lot of time on Puzzle Quest, which I discovered this week and have already put an unhealthy amount of hours into. And it looks like I’ll be getting back into Oblivion, since Bethesda put out that free castle expansion.

    I’ve been in the Hellgate beta for a while now (through the pre-order offer). Last time I logged in, it told me my version was too old and I’d have to re-download the whole thing. Bah! So I uninstalled it and figured I’d just wait until the game comes out in the few weeks. But then they send me an email to tell me I’m one of the few who can test the entire game now, including Acts 4 and 5 and on the hardest difficulty. Gah!!! So now I feel obligated to re-download the game and spend the better part of the weekend pushing through to those later Acts, so I can help test them. It’s a fun game… I just didn’t plan on racing through it so fast. I usually don’t get very far, because I’m constantly making alts.

  8. re: Aaron

    Excellent. I haven’t managed to get the CoD 4 demo loaded up since I know I’m probably going to play it on the 360, not the PC.
    As for Puzzle Quest, you and Kiras should hook up on live for a multiplayer match. I’ve sworn off of it forever, lest it be a rematch from MNCDover. /cry

  9. ./pats WG on the back. There there, the Reverend. Everyone knows that it’s bejeweled with random luck in MP…

    Ahhh, you mean THAT TF2…for some reason I’d switched the title in my brain.

  10. i like the blog , i am really looking forward to it also.

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