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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Little King and the Promised Country…

Phew…that was a long title for a game.  You may remember last week when I mentioned that Square Enix was creating a downloadable Final Fantasy game for the Wii’s new service, Wiiware.  Well, 1up has uncovered a little more detail about the plot line of the game (via Japanese gamemag Famitsu) that’s a little RPG, and a little RTS.

Taking place after the events of the original Crystal Chronicles on GameCube, players will take the role of the Little King, a Clavat-race by the name of Leo. With special powers called “The Architect” endowed upon by the crystals, you will need to rebuild and establish a new country in the barren lands.

To get the materials you’ll need, you’ll be sending in your minions to do your dirty work.  It sounds interesting and innovative, but we all know that means it could fall flat on its face just as easily as becoming a monumental success.  I’m just excited that there may be one other Wii title I want to pick up. Here’s a bootleg video of last week’s trailer:

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Little King and the Promised Country (or FFCC: LKPC for “short”) is slated for release in Japan this March.  No NA release has yet been announced.


One Response to “Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Little King and the Promised Country…”

  1. I have to say that the original Crystal Crons were not my favorite of the FF series. Though much better than 11 .. LOL.

    Though this might just be a deciding factor in to which next-gen console I decide to eventually buy. I hate to go by a new PS2 just to play 12, but it is the only one in the series that I’ve missed so far. I might go for a PS3 if they played the old PS2 games but they don’t. Not to mention the cost is horrendous. It’s looking more and more like a Wii for me, or should I say Mii?

    Oh well, time to fire up the emulator and play the old FFCCs!

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