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The Weekend Gamer (Sept. 21st-23rd)

I know what most of you will be playing come Tuesday, but how about this weekend? What’s going to be spinning wildly in your disc tray come tonight or tomorrow? 

For me, unfortunately I’ve got a lot of work commitments this weekend, and so my play time will probably be limited.  I was thinking about trying to rent Eternal Sonata (to go with today’s theme of it being “Japanese RPG Day” of course), but I doubt I’ll get much time with it, and then everything is going to get crazy very early next week.  We’ll see…

 What about you?


5 Responses to “The Weekend Gamer (Sept. 21st-23rd)”

  1. Well i purchased Eternal Sonata… but i’m still trying to finish blue dragon.. but at least i’m on the last disc!!! Unfortunately, i’m going on a retreat this weekend and will not be back untill mid afternoon sunday so not much game time for me this weekend! It’s so tempting to rip open eternal sontata!! but i must resist as i would never finish blue dragon!

  2. I’ll be playing City of Heroes and Guitar Hero.

  3. I’m in the Hellgate beta so i’ll probably be checking that out some as well as playing Eternal sonata if it ever comes in the mail.

  4. Lucky. 😉 Glad to see you get that worked out though. I’ll be interested in your impressions.

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