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Sony’s Press Conference and Other Tokyo Gameshow News

Sony had their TGS press conference yesterday, the biggest ‘revelation’ of which was actually an omission–there was no mention of the widely anticipated 40gig $400 PS3. In fact, Kaz Hirai, the keynote speaker for Sony, expressed that increasing software development would be the primary strategy for attracting new customers, not further price drops.

Another interesting nugget of news was that Home has been officially delayed until Spring of 08. I can’t say that I’m too surprised, as it was always shifty that we were supposedly within a month or two of release and yet we had had no public beta for the service. It’s a small setback for Sony though, especially in light of this week’s article–I see Home as one of the primary ways forward for the PS3, so it certainly can’t come soon enough.

But hey, who knows about what Sony has planned, right? They could be up to anything. Well, Games Radar found a strange application for a patent from Sony the other day, pointing to some interesting new features. These include the rebirth of the “Joypad”, and voice recognition technology. It’s not clear whether or not this is a possibly peripheral for the PS3, or some very early planning for features on a PS4. The possibilities seem interesting though.

Lastly, IGN sat down with Team Ninja for a private demo of Ninja Gaiden 2. Details are scarce, but they got a look at some of the new gameplay mechanics as well as the information that Ryu would be the only playable character.

I’ll bring you more news as it comes from TGS 07. There’s supposed to be a ‘huge’ announcement from Square Enix, so we’ll see if it turns out to be the FFVII remake that everyone is hoping for.


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