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PS3 To Get a New SKU and Another Price Drop?

All the evidence is pointing to another PS3 price drop. Several rumors have been gaining steam, all suggesting that Sony is ready to reveal yet another PS3 sku, this time a 40 gig model that will retail at $399 this Christmas. In addition, the current 80 gig model would get a $100 price cut, putting it at a cool $499.

Once you break the $400 dollar price point, I think you’re starting to get in the ball park of what consumers are willing to shell out for a gaming console. What’s the consensus on Weekend Gamer? Does a $399 PS3 sound tempting this holiday, or is it still too much moolah for you?


3 Responses to “PS3 To Get a New SKU and Another Price Drop?”

  1. Considering I shelled out 400 for my wii and got extra controllers and four games in a bundle….yeah I’ll be waiting for the price to drop more. I’m miss playing the new RPGs (my PS2 met a horrid fate many years ago) but I think I can wait for them to get it down further.

  2. I think that definitely fixes the price problem, now if they only had any games worth playing. That said, if I can get a used system for say 300 or 350 some time in the future, I’ll probably pick one up. Though I think its funny that one of my main purchasing points will be the fact that I can play old ps2 games again. It’s sad when an older generation system still has had better games coming out then it’s new gen counterpart.

  3. The sad part is that Sony has stopped trying to make video game consoles, and tried to make something more all encompassing and then convince people to buy it at a luxury price. But at this point, a $400 dollar computer with Blu-Ray and unfettered Internet access as well as features like Home is actually something to stop and consider. If this materializes, I think Sony will make up some of their lost ground. The games will come.

    Too bad I made the choice last Christmas and picked up a 360, cause if this was last year, I might have stopped and thought about it. As it stands, it’s going to be a while before I can rationalize a third next-gen gaming console. It feels like some dark threshold in my mind that must not be crossed…;)

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