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Is Blue Dragon Any Good?


I can’t say.  But Kotaku’s Luke Plunkett seems to think so, and he wants us all  to know about it.  From the site:

Oh, didn’t you know? Blue Dragon is out. In the West. In English and everything. And it’s being totally ignored. Which having played it non-stop for the past week makes me a little sad. Sure, it does absolutely nothing new, but the old stuff it does, it does with a degree of polish you rarely see outside of a first-party Nintendo title. I love it. Might even be, at time of writing, one of the platform’s strongest titles, and it definitely plugs a big hole in the 360’s lineup.

In fact the game’s biggest problem is not its own, it’s Microsofts decision to ship it in the second half of 2007. The cupboard was bare earlier this year: had this been released then I’d have played it for months. Now? I don’t think I’ll get past disc 2 before the downpour starts, and I’ll end up retiring it to the cupboard until next year. Which is a damn shame.

His problem is everyone’s problem.  The game is getting lost in a slew of other excellent titles, and for whatever reason wasn’t well recieved in all circles.  Will I get time to play it?  With three DVD’s worth of gameplay, I doubt I can put the time in, but I’m curious.  What’s the deal with Blue Dragon?  This is Kiras’ (or anyone else for that matter) chance to chime in and plug the 360’s latest Japenese RPG, or you can leave a comment telling us how wrong Luke is.  The choice…is yours. 


One Response to “Is Blue Dragon Any Good?”

  1. Is it any good? I sure think so. Is it something brand new and unique… no not really but i totally agree with the above quote “Sure, it does absolutely nothing new, but the old stuff it does, it does with a degree of polish you rarely see outside of a first-party nintendo title”. I’ve been telling people all along that the polish of this game is what makes it so addicting, at least for me. The art style is “Dragon Ballesqe” but i happen to really enjoy it. The score is off the wall but so amazingly fun. I’ve yet to hear a track that just doesnt fit (with about half the game to go). Anything having to do with plot and just about all side quests have cut scences and voiced dialogue… which is refreshing by not having the screen after screen of silent reading in past rpg’s i’ve played.

    One problem with some RPG’s is that you find yourself grinding in order to advance the plot… not so in BG. The pace of the game and plot match very nicely with how fast you’re leveling. Sure, in order to complete every accomplishment in the game i’ll probablly grind at the end… but i say that’s perfectly ok if i’ve enjoyed many many hours of gameplay without having to stop, pull over and pound out a 3 hour level grind.

    The plot… well its a tad slow but it’s certainly kept me in the game along with the animation. This is where i think the polish is it’s best… every single monster you fight looks, acts, and feels different and even as you level and gain new abilities they look, feel, and operate differently and uniquely. I feel that providing that much polish had to be a huge undertaking that certainly adds a huge level of immersion to the game. SO many times in other RPG’s you end up fighting the same set of 8-10 “base creatures” throughout the game with only a color change or increased power and defense. Just in the first map alone in BG, there’s 6 or 7 different creatures that react (some flee from you, some charge at you), act, and even fight each other (which i think is an awesome feature… getting the monsters to fight each other for you and you get the exp reward!)

    My final thought. The demo really doesnt do the game any justice. It does give you a glimpse at the polish and a brief intro to the musical score but you really need to add this title to your gamefly for sure.

    Approaching 27 hrs of gameplay and i’m still just under halfway!

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