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Left 4 Dead Preview

EDIT:  I found a second opinion, this time from ShackNews’ Carlos Bergfeld, who was also complimentary of how the game is shaping up.  You can read the article here.

IGN’s team got a private session with Left 4 Dead, a survival horror game that has been gaining buzz all throughout 2007. It’s made to be played Co-op with 4 people, and in another innovating twist, players can also join the Zombie side and attempt to ambush the humans amongst the horde of computer controlled undead.

Usually I’d be pretty apprehensive about any perceived Resident Evil clone, but I’m getting more and more excited every time I hear about it. Fortunately, this one isn’t due out until 2008, which gives me time to breathe between the slew of games that are in line to arrive and it’s release.


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