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Pastor Preaches the Gospel of Wii

Apparently, Jesus is into the Wii.


Pastor Al Detter, who presides over Grace Church in Erie, PA was speaking yesterday about honoring God in everything that you do–in your work, at home, etc. As part of his sermon, he made the point that the Bible says in Ecclesiastes that it’s as big of a mistake to hoarde all of your money as it is to overspend your finances on material things. He advised a healthy moderation between the two, but that isn’t the kicker. He went on to say that it was good to take some of your paycheck and spend it on ways to have fun with your family–to enjoy it. His example? Last week his daughter got married, and in preparation for the family coming in from out of town, he bought a Wii.

I got a big kick out of this, as he kept calling it “that Wii game”. He explained how much fun he and his family had had together bonding over Wii sports, and even demonstrated a little bowling technique. I have to feel a bit responsible, because last February the staff went on a retreat, and I took it upon myself to bring the Wii to show them for our downtime. I even spent an hour or two the night before making Miis of every staff member.

So, the moral of the story? The Wii brings people together, and that’s a good thing in God’s eyes according to Al Detter. Does that mean we can finally bring Miyamoto on as our Children’s Pastor?


4 Responses to “Pastor Preaches the Gospel of Wii”

  1. Funny story. Nice work. So far what I’ve seen is that the Wii is great for groups and parties. Haven’t seen anything I’d want to play to myself. Not that either one is better, just an observation.

  2. I would have trouble not laughing out loud at a repeated mention of “that Wii game”. Especially in church where you’re not supposed to laugh unless the pastor tells a joke.

  3. Now who’s converting who? Ironic? hmmm

  4. yeah i got a kick out of this when i was reading through the sermon while doing the ppt! haha. i should get my parents one, they need the exercise haha

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