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Rumor: Microsoft Close to Getting Final Fantasy XIII and MGS4

September 28, 2007

¬† Emaglive posted a story today claiming that Microsoft were close to completing deals that would secure two of the most anticipated games on the Playstation 3 as Xbox 360 releases. The reports of Final Fantasy Versus XIII heading to the 360 have been circulating for nearly the last month after it was revealed that […]

The Weekend Gamer (September 28th-30th)

September 28, 2007

As if I didn’t know… ūüėČ Still, I’ll ask the question.¬† Because I know that you all have multi-dimentional gaming tastes.¬† So, what games are you playing this weekend?¬† If it’s Halo 3, let us know if you’re still working on the campaign or have moved fully over into multiplayer.¬† If you’re not playing Halo […]

Halo 3 Is Definitely Breaking 360’s

September 27, 2007

There is something to this.¬† I don’t have much time to write,¬† but I wanted to post a quick update to point out this thread¬†over at¬† Something’s up with Halo 3’s game discs.¬† I’ve already got MS sending me a box to repair my broken console, but now I’m looking into replacing my copy […]

Are You A Closet Non-Completionist?

September 27, 2007

It’s a hidden confession for many of us gamers who have wives and children and jobs, or just other hobbies besides gaming.¬† The fifty hour epic that we’ve waited months for gets into our consoles or PCs on launch day, and then inevitably gets pushed aside before that final cutscene by other games or other […]

There’s a plot in there…

September 27, 2007

…you just have to turn down the gunfire.¬† I went over to my friend Greg’s house last night, where he was kind enough to boot up his 360 and play through Halo 3’s campaign with me for a few hours.¬† We got more than halfway through before my eyes wouldn’t stay open any more. I […]

Are Video Games the Next Big Medium for Music Marketing?

September 26, 2007 has a feature¬†that looks at how music publishers are increasingly looking to video games as a way to promote bands and artists, both new acts¬†and established groups alike.¬† The advent of games like Singstar, Guitar Hero, and Rockband, coupled with the advent of digital distribution, means that the Industry may be beginning to see […]